Elected leaders have the responsibility to speak for their communities, not their own interests.

We deserve representation that is transparent, responsive, and community focused.


We owe our children a solid financial future--public monies must be used with wisdom and responsibility.


A comfortable, safe place to live is at the heart of the American Dream, but it is out of reach for too many Utah families.

We all want to take a deep breath, today and in the future. We must prioritize cleaner air right now.


We need creative solutions to our toughest transportation problems--solutions that will keep our air clean, our commutes short, and our families safe.

Education is the key to Utah’s future--not just for our kids, but for all kids.

2020 has shown that we must never take good health for granted. Our healthcare systems need better support.


In times of crisis, there is no place for partisan pettiness. We must work together to strike the delicate balance between public health and community wellbeing.