The Issues In Depth

Fair and Accurate Representation

  • Apply time-honored values to benefit our modern-day community

  • Serve the community's priorities, not special interests

  • Facilitate legislation that prioritizes people over party​​



Good Governance

  • Ensure transparency and accountability in government

  • Uphold local authority

  • Listen to public feedback, implement suggestions


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Stop spending a dime to save a nickel

  • Invest public money wisely

  • Prepare for rainy days

Smart Economic Growth

  • The proper housing choices/developments in places that make sense

  • Efficient east-west transportation options

  • Improved security and stability for the short- and long-term

  • Jobs that support the needs of the community and put more money in your pocketbook


Air Quality

  • Improve personal health with clean air

  • Support economic development and sustainability through

  • investments in air quality

  • Implement programs that are proven to give us the greatest gains

Affordable Housing

  • Promote quality housing choices that keep our kids and seniors safe in their neighborhoods

  • Preserve the character of neighborhoods while providing everyone a sense of home

  • Understand that housing affordability affects most people in our community


  • Focus on moving people, not just cars

  • Incorporate active transportation, trails and recreation

  • Reduce time away from home and improve air quality



  • Increase performance, don't lower expectations

  • Invest most intensely on the earliest years of education for long-term success

  • Maintain priority funding for our public school system

  • Attract and retain the best and brightest in the field


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  • Protect patient-provider relationship and treatment

  • Expand mental health and addiction services

  • Improve transparency while controlling costs for providers and patients alike

I look forward to the many ways I can serve our community as your Representative in the Utah State Legislature. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.