Lynette in the news

Campaign Offering Community Assistance During Pandemic

Lynette and her team are focused on connecting and serving our community. Read about the dozens of volunteers supporting not only a "message" but helping Lynette do the WORK.  You're always welcome to join the team!

The Tribune reports on the Taylorsville Food Pantry

The Salt Lake Tribune happened to be reporting on a day Lynette was volunteering at the Taylorsville Food Pantry.  Read more about how food insecurity is impacting our families.

Discussing Community Check-in with Devin Thorpe

Lynette had the wonderful opportunity to brag about our community and our volunteers in this interview with Devin Thorpe. Check it out!

Calvin Smith Elementary Lego League Project

Fox 13 news coverage about the entire-school service project Lynette organized at Calvin Smith Elementary. Students learned how to reduce, reuse and recycle by creating toys for the cats and dogs in our animal shelters.

Taylorsville Journal Feature Story

Lynette was interviewed by the Taylorsville Journal to introduce her as a candidate running for our Utah House of Representatives seat in District 39, representing our neighbors in Kearns and Taylorsville. Learn a little more about Lynette, her service in our community and why she is running for office.

West Valley Animal Advocacy

Taylorsville Journal article about Lynette's animal advocacy work with Taylorsville elected officials to raise the standards of animal welfare and care in our city.

Apartment Development Agreement

Taylorsville Journal article highlighting Lynette's proactive planning skills through her work on the Taylorsville Planning Commission to increase housing choices in our community. 

Women's Leadership Institute

Highlighting Lynette's and Emily Barnes' six months of Political Development Series training through the Women’s Leadership Institute. Lynette benefited from a second series in 2020.

Planning Commission Chair and Leadership Recognition

An article summarizing Lynette's year as Planning Commission Chairperson in 2019.  She pledged to steer our commission into the position of being proactive and educated. This work simultaneously increased our visibility throughout the state as the city to watch for well-managed growth and opportunities.  Mission accomplished!

Visiting Hindu spiritual leader Swami Sandeepananda Giri

Lynette &  Mark had the wonderful opportunity to welcome a guest, Swami Sandeepananda Giri,  into their home so he could master his studies in English and share his experiences as a Hindu spiritual leader and monk. 

Planning Commission Book Discussion with Herriman

Lynette was happy to have Herriman City join us in the discussion of “City Comforts”. This book gives planning officials the tools to make our communities more enjoyable, safe and beautiful.

Creation of Book Club with Herriman

Lynette created a city planning book club for the Taylorsville Planning Commission. Planning decisions have the most measurable impact on our daily quality of life.  These decisions influence housing options, transportation choices and air quality. 

Diversity Committee Creation

An article from the Taylorsville Journal highlighting Lynette's work to welcome and recruit talented volunteers in our community since 2002. All of our residents need a voice in government and should be represented.

Performing Arts Center

Serving on the Planning Commission is one of the best ways to influence the quality of life we have in our neighborhoods.  One of the rewards is to be part of great projects like the MidValley Performing Arts Center. Lynette had the honor of serving on the art selection committee for the venue.

Planning Commission Chair Introduction

An article highlighting the beginning of Lynette's service as Planning Commission Chair. She was appointed by the Taylorsville Mayor and City Council in 2015. She is currently in her fifth year of service and looks forward to continuing her work for the community.

Read about how Lynette has helped Summit Vista residents continue to avoid the coronavirus and find creative ways to pass time inside their apartments.

Summit Vista residents remain 100% COVID-19 free as several learn how to make pet toys from ‘junk’

The Bennion Learning Center in Taylorsville is keeping their kids safe, while also helping with community vaccination needs.

What the Bennion Learning Center is doing to slow the spread