Take Part in Something Great


Putting My Passion
to Work for District 39

We live in an amazing community!  Every day I see neighbors helping neighbors, the best and brightest teachers educating our children and businesses that keep our economy strong.  

I’m proud of the 18,000 volunteer hours I’ve spent in service to our wonderful community over the last 15 years. This in-depth personal engagement with both neighbors and public officials has helped me understand that right now we are not being fairly or accurately represented in the state legislature. We deserve better. 


That is why I am asking for your support for my campaign. I pledge to put my passion and experience to work for you, and I’m ready to take your voice to the Capitol.

Our community has changed a lot over the past 18 years but our representation for Utah House District 39 has not.

Too often, I see the disconnect between our community’s priorities and our lawmakers’ agendas. I am working hard to earn your vote and am prepared to end that divide. I prioritize people over politics or party. My only goal is to truly represent our neighbors in Taylorsville and Kearns.

In both my professional and public service careers, I helped create solutions in education, transportation, air quality, housing, and healthcare. I’ve been told repeatedly by our neighbors that these quality of life issues are critically important. I am running to ensure our legislature acts on them. Your priorities are my priorities.


With my professional background in mediation, I know how to bring people from opposite sides of the table together to find the best solution. I am ready to engage all members of our community—and my fellow legislators—in an inclusive, respectful manner.

In “normal times,” you would find me in our schools, community centers, nonprofit groups, and government meetings. I show up, listen, and do the necessary hard work. I have shared your frustration and concern over the past few months as all our lives have changed. And in this time of crisis, the need for real representation is more important than ever. 


We need to do things differently right now but I still want to hear from you. Please watch for my door hangers, mailers, phone calls and our small, personal neighborhood events. I welcome your phone calls, texts and emails, as I look forward to learning more about you and your family. In this momentous year, I ask you to consider how your life might be better if you had a real ally in our state legislature. I want to make your voice heard. I am asking for your vote.